“The New Generation Stable Boots”

AKHAL adventure began in 2015 during a running and further to a question: “why the horse does not use technical equipment as human?”. Aurélie, rider, launch then Akhal, with one ambition: putting innovation in first one for horses and riders.

Horses are the real athletes with an intensive rhythm of trainings and competitions. They locomotive apparel is under pressure and could be jeopardised with a lot of sportive and financial consequences for owners.

Day after day the Akhal team works for your horse, its well-being is our objective. We provide you with tools allowing you to act directly on the sensitive zones to warn the physical risks which affect him. Three watchwords motivate us every day in the development of our products: Respect, Innovate, Get involved.

The word from the founder

“Capsular was developed to serve the high level requirements. During these two past years of development, it was crucial to work with riders, veterinary and horses.”


Akhal makes available technology to horses and offers a real support in performance.


Akhal’s products respect your horses and their health. They are natural and non-doping. They act in accordance with competition rules and ethical issues.


“Sport takes work and push limits” We need to support this effort and to be involved as much as horses are able to be. We are sure that performance is achievable only in respect.”

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