In 1968 Philippe Guillot de Suduiraut created MACEL saddles, revolutionizing horse riding with his new sports saddle design : finely crafted, light and with a flexible tree to allow close contact with the horse. In 2008, the continuation of both the brand and the design naturally fell to Patrick FESQUET who had been with the MACEL saddler’s since 1987.

100% handmade in the workshops of the Loire in France. MACEL saddles are precision technical instruments which allow for very fine riding. They are the very embodiment of a prestigious know-how and craftsmanship which has evolved over time, developing the designs and choice of materials. Each saddle leaving the Macel workshop is unique.

Custom-made MACEL saddles are developed from your and your horse’s morphology. A tailor-made saddle will not be suitable for all horses.

If you want a saddle to use on many of your horses, MACEL saddles can be made with a standard size.


MACEL Sellier is very attached to saddles 100% made in France in order to be able to guarantee the product and preserve the know-how. Maintaining production on one site, with each saddle produced by one craftsman ensures intimate knowledge and total control over the quality of the final product.

French saddlery is the result of traditional craftsmanship which is envied throughout the world. It’s important to preserve it, protect its secret and above all, to resist the temptation of cheaper outsourcing.


The MACEL saddle production is based on four standard size :

  • PT small,
  • TM medium,
  • TMG medium-large,
  • GT large.

These basic sizes are then adjusted to ensure that each saddle is tailored to its rider : thus there are different sizes of saddle flap and rolls, adjusted to the appropriate angle depending on the morphology and riding style of the rider. The panels on the other handier tailor-made to fit the horse to ensure maximum comfort. There is a range of choices of leather (full grain, smooth or calf-skin lined) as well as colours : black, brown, fawn, mahogany (with farther colours available on request).


Designed for the top level dressage, the Gala with the «S» innovation optimizes more the contact with your horse.

While maintaining core strength, the rider can feel every movement of the horse in order to respond with very precise aids.

This saddle reinforce the rider’s posture in any situation.

“S Prime” option: the Proximity like you’ve never felt.
Goal : to maximize your sensations by the space reduction between the rider and the horse, a narrower fork, the removal of a leather thickness and softer padding.


Specially designed in collaboration with top level riders, the Rafale Contact saddle combines confort and technical expertise.

It allows for great freedom of movement, freeing the horse’s shoulders, ensuring the balance and the contact with your horse.


The Centaure is perfect for all uses. It has a deep seat causing the rider to sit slightly further back in order to increase comfort, security and confidence.

The saddle flaps are designed to allow for a variety of position : riding with short stirrups, in a forward position or with a longer leg. It is ideal for the jumping and the flat work.


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